Together these two young artists are able to count more than 20 years of combined guitar playing experience. In November 2013 they found each other and haven’t stopped playing together ever since.

Karlijn Langendijk was born in 1995 and grew up in Uitgeest. Surrounded by acoustic guitar music since birth, she started playing the guitar at the age of 13 inspired by her father. Soon after discovering the magic guitar music of virtuoso Tommy Emmanuel, Karlijn began to teach herself all his songs. Several years and sets of strings later, Karlijn had the chance to play with Tommy live on stage. Later on, she had the possibility to join stage with Gareth Pearson and others. Currently, Karlijn is studying at the Conservatory in Utrecht (The Netherlands) where she aims to create her own music in several? projects. One of these, Moonck, is a live performance trio formed in early 2013 with two of her costudents. Check it out here:

Tim Urbanus from Voorburg, born in 1989, is the other half of this fabulous acoustic duo. He joined guitar lessons from the age of 10 for seven years. During this time he learned the basics of guitar playing. Guitar music in all her facettes got more interesting to him after discovering the Candyrat label during the Youtube ‘boom’ around year 2007. Inspired by all these new musicians Tim started to practise many songs by leaning them visually from Youtube videos. That same year Tim was invited to open Andy Mckee’s first show in The Netherlands and several other appearances followed. After a hiatus of almost three years – Tim studied Law – he was re-inspired after seeing Peter Finger playing live. He again started to play guitar intensively and as a result of this practise he was invited to open a show for Gareth Pearson. There he met Karlijn and another story began…

This duo writes and interprets smooth, interesting and engaging compositions. Karlijn and Tim’s dynamic performances consist of solo and duo compositions, rhythmic pieces and beautiful melodies. Their main goal is not just to impress, but to tell a story. They have played together live at numerous venues in Holland and Germany. The duo opened Pino Forastiere’s first show in The Netherlands and played together with Franco Morone and Raffaella Luna.